Smart home automation is a great way to simplify your lifestyle while also getting more out of the technology you already love. But your smart home system is only as good as the network that supports it. If you want to enjoy all of the features of the latest technology, and possibly scale up in the future, you may need a home networking upgrade. In this blog, we’ll show you why it’s so important to have a strong network. Read on to learn more.

Connecting All of Your Devices

The primary reason you’ll want to have a reliable network is to enjoy a fully functioning system. Think of it this way: every smart component in your home needs to receive information from the internet, and they also need to share information with each other. Each piece of information is like a car, and your network is like the highway. If there are too many cars on a narrow highway, they will cause a traffic jam.

A strong network sports high bandwidth, meaning there is lots of space to handle all kinds of information. You can control your lights, whole home audio system, home theater system and surveillance system all at the same time when you have a strong network. Without enough bandwidth, you’ll have to suffer through lag or control each device independently.

Of course, bandwidth isn’t the only concern. You also need to have the right setup to use that bandwidth effectively. After all, having eight lanes of traffic open won’t do you much good if every car is in the “fast” lane, causing a bottleneck.

Enjoying 4K and Lossless Audio

One of the most common reasons homeowners want to upgrade their network is to enjoy full 4K video and lossless audio. A low bandwidth network won’t show you full 4K content, and if you want to stream lossless audio at the same time, you can forget it. By expanding your network bandwidth, you can enjoy all of your AV content with ease.

Some homeowners debate whether they want to go with a hardwired or wireless network. While both have their advantages, hardwired networks offer a much more reliable long term solution for most homes. Even when you want to connect a satellite building or garage, you will have fewer problems down the line if you want to enjoy any kind of high quality streaming audio video.

Enhancing Home Security

Think 4K is all about enjoying your favorite movies and sports? Think again. In fact, one of the leaders in developing consumer-grade 4K cameras is the surveillance industry. And if you want to enjoy the added security of recording and storing your 4K content on a home media server, you’ll definitely need a networking upgrade.

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