Smart Lighting

Discover how smart lighting technology can transform your home and adjust to your family everyday lifestyle.
Smart Lighting
What is Smart Lighting and how it can simplify your world

Smart home lighting adds elegance, ambiance, and convenience to your home. It’s one of the most important parts of home automation. Smart lighting system gives you the flexibility to use scenes to control multiple fixtures to set the right amount of light whether you are cooking, watching the game or enjoying a movie without compromising in style or comfort. 

Another great function of smart lighting technology is the ability, to consolidate blocks of switches on the walls into one elegant keypad or touch panel. For new home builders and developers, smart lighting technology allows eliminating complicated 2-way and 3-way light switch configurations. This allows multiple lights to be turned on at once with a single touch saving time and money. 

Smart lighting allows you to change the colors of your bulbs as well as their brightness from the comfort of your seat. All you need is to install the smart light app on your Apple or Android phone. Time to wake up? Program the ultimate alarm clock. Press a button and light up a pathway from your bedroom to move easily throughout your home at night or light up exit pathways in case of an emergency. Away for the weekend? Program an away setting to give your house that “LIVED IN” look.

Living Room

With the right living room lighting, you can have a space that’s ideal for any activities. Personalize your lights to create any atmosphere or set the mood from a cozy scene to the perfect dinner party. 

Think of automatic lighting as a lifestyle element that can be programmed into your family’s schedule, activities and moods. Besides switching lights, scenes can be also programmed to control shades, adjust the thermostat, play your favorite music or start streaming Netflix. Combine your smart home devices with lighting modes into scenes for the ultimate smart home experience

Party Mode

Start your party! Synchronize your color bulbs with music, turn down the center lights and let the party begin.


Stay focused and get things done quickly and efficiently with bright lights that adjusted to your comfortable level.

Movie Magic

Enjoy your favorite movies or TV shows in the perfect atmosphere with dimmed lights to keep you focused on the action.

Chill out

Get on the couch, put your feet up and relax with the soft ambient light for the perfect end of the day.


Of all the rooms in your home, your bedroom is probably the only one you spend time in when it’s completely dark, completely bright and completely somewhere in between. Above all else, your bedroom should be your sanctuary. At the end of a long work day, there needs to be a place where you can sink into a comfy chair, and snuggle under the covers to let your stress slip away. The atmosphere needs to be just right! So, getting your bedroom lighting design just right is essential to making it a comfortable place to rest your head at night, to rise and shine each morning and to go about your day.

Good Night

The Good Nights scene relaxes you as the lights go to your chosen scene and gently fade out preparing to go to sleep.

Reading Light

Get lost in your favorite book for hours with the right light for a perfect read.

Get Romantic

Turn your lights into candles and enjoy a romance scene for a relaxing romantic date night mood with your partner.

Good Morning

Good Morning scene wakes you up naturally and gives you full control of the lighting in your room.

Path Light

Light up a pathway from your bedroom to move easily throughout your home at night.

Storytime Magic

Make your children's bedtime a little more magical. Transform the whole room to match your bedtime stories.


Just like a healthy balanced breakfast, your kitchen requires the right balance of lighting to get you on the right track to accomplish the day’s tasks from homework, to list-making to actual meal-prep and cooking. Kitchen is the heart and soul of the home.

This multi-functional, highly visible space needs layers of illumination to make it really shine. Showcase the decorative details of your kitchen fine cabinetry and highlight the colors of a granite counter top with the right smart lighting design. Smart lighting in the kitchen can be especially convenient when combined with voice assistant. Smart Assistants can find online recipes, calculate how many ounces in 1 cup and even flash your lights a few times once your timer is down to zero.


As your day starts create a comfortable lighting environment for breakfast time

Dinner time

Set comfortable lighting environment at dinnertime with your family and friends by dimming down the light levels everywhere else.


Creating the right light scene for cooking or food preparation in the kitchen can be convenient.


Having a little help while you are cleaning is so important. Smart lighting can help you control task lighting in the kitchen area and dining room.

Outside Lighting

Whether you are brightening your evening landscape or garden, lighting your entryway, creating atmosphere for your deck or patio, or any other outdoor lighting needs, we can help you to pick the system that deliver safety, security and style.

Transform your backyard into a colorful wonderland with a touch of your smartphone or by activating a scene using your voice. Have your driveway lights turn on at the moment you arrive home. By adjusting your outside lighting, you can set the right mood for any outdoor event.


Automate your landscaping lights to illuminate your outdoor spaces with sunset and to turn off with sunrise.

Path Lights

Have your driveway lights turn on as you open the gates to welcome you back home.

Pool Illumination

There is no modern pool party without modern pool lighting. Set the colors of your event in a quite unusual way!

Holiday Lights

Have the the most festive display on your block with the new smart lighting systems for holiday decorations.

Media Room

Smart Lighting plays a significant role in Home Theater or Media Room design. Fiber optics light can transform your ceiling into the night sky with endless count of stars. LED strips in the walls can set the right accent or to work as stereo lights, enhancing your movies experience with additional 3D lighting effects.

Just a press a button on your smart device or activate a scene using voice commands and have a roll-down flat-screen or in-ceiling projector lower along with the shades, and then have the lights dim. In just a few seconds, your game room, basement, or living room has transformed into the ultimate home theater setup.

Stereo Lights

Have your left and right smart lighting channels copy your TV screen colors to enhance your movies experience.

Ambient Music

Let your smart bulbs synchronise with music to create the right atmosphere for a song of your choice.

End of Movie

Don't let your bright lights to blind you after watching a movie. Activate this scene to gradually increase the light with time.


Set a certain lighting mood for your work and family related conversations. You can even add the background music.


Rows of light switches are now a thing of the past. Control all of your lighting with the press of a button on your smartphone or use voice with your favorite smart assistant.

Save energy by scheduling lights to turn on and off according your schedule and time of the day. Intuitive sensors switches off the light when rooms are unoccupied.

Program your smart lighting to come on as it goes dark for a few hours in the evening, giving the impression someone is home even when you’re thousands of miles away.

Change brightness and color of your bulbs from anywhere you are. No more worries about leaving your lights on while you are away from home.

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