Home Theatre Systems

Investing in a home theater enhances your lifestyle and puts you in control of your entertainment, designed the way you like.
Home Theatre Systems
Audio Video Controls at Your Fingertips

Today’s modern home entertainment technology can make your life simpler adding a home theater, media room, or family room surround system puts you in control of your entertainment, designed for the way you live.

Home Theater Automation is for people looking for an extraordinary media experience. Whether having friends over for a movie or spending the night in with the family, home theater automation can create memorable experiences for those you love.

With a custom programmed home theater automation system, you can control:

  • Sound
  • Video
  • Lighting
  • Shades and Curtains
A space Designed to fit your lifestyle

Home theater systems are not just for dedicated rooms anymore. Today you can have a home theater system installed in any room.

Most home theater systems are placed right in the living room, whether you’re looking to simply improve the audio coming from your flat screen TV, or you want to make your seats rumble, the audio-video equipment available today can recreate the movie theater experience in any room you choose.

All it takes is the right planning, retrofitting, AV contractor and audio visual equipment to make your experience at home one to be enjoyed.

BB One Technologies can help you design a variety of different audio-video, home theater system solutions that will bring your favorite movies to life and will fit every budget.

Start designing your Home theater today

Lets discuss the system that works the best with your new Home Theater design.