Home Network & WiFi

Your smart home network is the backbone of any controlled and automated system. Smart Home technology starts with a quick and reliable network!
Home Network & WiFi
The Importance of the Home Network

Your home network is the backbone of any controlled and automated system. It keeps all of your electronics connected and communicating with each other. With the number of smart devices in our lives today, it is more important than ever to have a fast reliable and properly installed network in your home. 

Today’s home networking capability is so much more than simply surfing the Internet. Your home network can have anything from lighting, heating, air conditioning, appliances, TVs, computers, entertainment AV systems, sprinkler systems, security and cameras that are all capable of secure and reliable communication with each other.

Wi-Fi Mesh Network Systems

Due to the high cost of technology, mesh networks have been mostly in places where a secure network is critical. Now, when this technology became available to the masses, everyone can use it to optimize home Wi-Fi network with a hi-end mesh network system.

If you have a large home that is either over 2500 sq ft, or more than 2 floors, or have interior brick walls, then you probably regularly encounter Wi-Fi dead zones. A good Wi-Fi Mesh Networking system could be a great solution for a place like this.

User Friendly

Most of Wi-Fi Mesh systems are easy to install and maintain. This makes it a preferred option for most mid-size homes.

Modular System

It is like installing lighting fixtures to illuminate the home. Place your modules in any room that need the coverage.

Strong Signal

Mesh system helps your device automatically connect to the strongest station as you move about the house.

Less Wires

While each Mesh extender can be hardwired to the router, it can also work of Wi-Fi signal and retransmit it further.

Managed Switch

Managed switches are designed for places with high amounts of traffic and where custom configurations are a necessity. It allows to have more control over the network as well as all traffic that moves through the device. If you’re streaming your gaming experience or even enjoying 4K Quality movies, you’ll want maximum bandwidth speed to your devices and the rest of your network would receive a remaining traffic.

Priority Traffic

Most of Wi-Fi Mesh systems are easy to install and maintain. This makes it a preferred option for most mid-size homes.

Network Health

Detect and repair network problems without having to physically inspect the all devices and taking them to the service.

Secure Connection

Managed Switch can help increase your network security with advanced custom setting for each connected port.

Smart Switch

It is cheaper, with intuitive design and it have all basic features to optimize the performance, reliability and security.

Network Security

Connecting everyday devices to the internet seems like a really great idea. The convenience of having everything automated and under control is extremely tempting, but we have to understand the coming risks. It is impossible to keep anyone safe, but having a strong security in mind can help to block most attempts.

While technological evolution is happening so quick and cyber security staying behind, we should be aware, as all it may take is to ask Alexa behind kitchen window to unlock the alarm and open the front door. Having a consultation with a professional is a great start to secure your smart home network.

Multiple Networks

Keep one network for devices used for online banking and shopping; another network for all other devices.

Guest Network

Controlling your guest network and disabling it when not in use is secure. Having it shut down automatically is convenient.

Fresh Passwords

Your network is a key to your smart home. Keep your passwords always fresh and store them in the secure place.

Device Profile

Create a unique profile for all devices in your home to monitor their activity and configure rules to set network restrictions.


When a home network has the right infrastructure the quality of life at home can be improved in many ways either through automating tasks, enhanced home security, access to home entertainment or simply creating a seamless connection throughout your home.

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